4 Energy-Saving Solutions for the Summer

With summer in full swing, higher temperatures often mean higher electric bills. Escaping the summer heat can drive up energy use, and with temperatures higher than usual this summer, energy usage can be more costly than ever. In fact, AC use can account for about 55% of the average person’s electric bill.

Though using your AC less often might be an effective way of not having to spend as much on costs, it can make indoor spaces uncomfortable. Instead of sacrificing comfort for lower costs, check out these four summer energy-saving solutions! 

Minimize the Amount of Sunlight Shinning in

Natural lighting can be a beautiful addition to any home but can also cause additional costs. To reduce your energy bill, minimize the extra heat brought in by sunlight and keep your curtains and blinds closed.

Crank Up Your Fans

Ceiling, box and oscillating fans are great for staying with extra air circulation and use very little electricity. Pro-tip, make sure your fans are rotating in the correct direction. For warmer months, your fans should turn counterclockwise to push cooler air down. Also, make sure to always turn your fans off anytime you leave.

Unplug Electronic Devices Not in Use

Though they are essential to homes and properties, electronic devices and other household appliances generate heat even when they are not in use. Only plug-in electronic devices when you need to use them to avoid unnecessary heat. Eliminating these heat-producing currents will help keep your home are cool as possible without cranking up the AC.

Make the Switch to LED Lighting

Upgrade the lighting in your home to LED lighting. As the more efficient lighting option, LED lights emit less heat than other lighting options, meaning less work for your HVAC unit and more saving for you. LED lights also use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Check out our LED lighting blog for more benefits on making the switch!

Stay cool this summer with Cajun Electric! Our experts are here to help you make the switch to LED lighting, provide ceiling fan installation and much more. Contact us today to get started!