Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services

We’ve been expertly wiring your electrical systems for years to include high-quality electrical outlets built to charge all of your devices. And now with the rise of Electrical Vehicles, we also offer EV Charger Installation Services for both your home and your business. We offer charger installations and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for all three levels of EV charging to make sure you get the right charge for you and your company’s vehicles. 


Call today or stop in to schedule your EV Charger Installation consultation with one of our expert electricians. 

Work in Action: Community Coffee Headquarters

Eric Gandy, the Campus Coordinator for Community Coffee, reached out to Cajun Electric after investing in Electric Vehicles for his company. Cajun Electric got to work installing multiple EV Charging stations around the property that helps charge Community Coffee’s trucks and vehicles, having them ready to go each morning.  

EV Charger Installation Service
JuiceBox, EV Charger Installation Service