How to Protect the Power in Your Home

Keeping your home clean of transformer issues, excessive heat and overall electrical problems mean keeping your power “clean.” Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on energy companies, and “dirty power” is inevitable without taking the proper steps. Dirty power is an abnormality in the power quality delivered to a system. These high-frequency spikes can cause dangerous health and electrical issues for those living in the home. If you are experiencing electrical abnormalities, you may have dirty power in your home. Here are some of our recommended steps:

Measure Your Power

To determine the best solution, it’s essential to have a qualified electrician assess the damage caused by dirty power with a dirty power meter. Contact us to have our experts evaluate your home’s electrical needs and solutions. 

Switch to LEDs

Since Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs are known to create dirty power, consider switching to Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs

Replace SMART meter

Unfortunately, SMART meters are also known as major sources of dirty power in a home. These digital devices measure, record and remotely send a home’s energy consumption data to its utility company. SMART meters exacerbate levels of dirty power due to the repeated spikes and surges of higher electricity frequencies that run throughout a home’s circuits. To prevent the increased flow of dirty power and protect your home, consider switching your SMART meter to a traditional, non-digital analog meter.

Choose Appliances Wisely 

Consider cutting down on devices that increase dirty power levels, such as flickering lights. For future protection, only purchase energy-efficient appliances and devices. With our experts’ industry knowledge, we can help determine the health of your appliances and devices. View our additional residential services to see how we can improve your home’s protection against dirty power. 

Turn it Off

Simply turning off appliances and devices that are not in use is an easy way to decrease the amount of dirty power in your home. 

Give your home’s power the protection it deserves with Cajun Electric. By following these steps, you can decrease your vulnerability to dirty power and its costly damages while improving the quality of life for residents in your home. As part of our residential services, our expert electricians provide surge protection, free estimates for home inspection reports and more. Start protecting your home today!