Generator Safety Tips, National Electrical Safety Month: EV Tips

Many know Marvel’s classic quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This phrase couldn’t be more accurate, especially in the electrical world where literal power requires safety and responsibility.

Though electricity powers the world, making life easier, more convenient and even safer, it also exposes us to fire-related hazards and dangerous electrical shocks. To promote electrical safety at home and in the workplace, Cajun Electric is celebrating National Electrical Safety Month!

What is National Electrical Safety Month?

During May, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) sponsors an annual National Electrical Safety Month campaign to raise awareness of electrical hazards and educate audiences on ways to reduce the number of electrically related fires, injuries and property loss.

This year’s theme, “Electrification: E-Mobility,” focuses on the rapid advancements made to emerging technology, specifically electric vehicles, and how it requires further electrification and safe, efficient devices capable of supporting this increased energy demand.

Ensure a Safe Installation for Your EV Charging Station

One of the aspects of this theme highlights the importance of properly preparing a home or business for electric vehicles (EV).

When it comes to making sure your home or business is equipped for EV charging, there are several aspects to consider, like charging types, your property’s electrical capacity, electrical shock protection, storage and space for your EV charger, maintenance and more.

Though preparing your property for EV charging seems overwhelming initially, our professional electricians at Cajun Electric are here to ensure a seamless installation process with your safety as our priority. 

We offer EV charger installation services for homes and businesses, as well as charger installations and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for all three levels of EV charging to make sure you get the right charge for you and your company’s vehicles.

Call today or stop in to schedule your EV Charger Installation consultation with one of our expert electricians!